The Struthers, Ohio Police have cancelled criminal activities until further notice.

A small town police department in Ohio just over the Pennsylvania border is doing their part to help fight crime and Covid-19.  They posted this on Facebook Thursday,

Due to the coronavirus, the police department is asking that all criminal activities stop until further notice. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation in the matter. We will update you when we deem it’s appropriate to proceed with yo bad selves.

The post was met with a mixed back of reactions like:

Andrew Teed Maybe get off Facebook and go protect and serve the community. Wasted tax dollars for you to play on facebook.

Maryanne Stromp Caleris This is why I love Struthers. Our police department is the best!!!

Tracy Greene This has MADE my day!!! Stay safe and keep laughing!

Crystal Rutkowski I don't even know where this police department is but this popped up on my timeline and it's hilarious what a sense of humor!!!

Nicole Marvin Better yet why not have the criminals turn themselves in. The police department will help save them from the coronavirus!

Some feel it's important to keep a since of humor during these strange times.  Others apparently do not.

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