The neighbors never know "who" will walk Harper each day...and it's hilarious.

This all started when Tom Roach saw a video of someone walking their dog in costume and thought he'd give it a try.  He had no idea it would blow up like it has.  Tom tells WKYC that his wife wasn't really on board in the beginning,

“My wife thought I was crazy and I’m like, you know it will make somebody laugh. They’re all shut in and the kids thought it was funny. I thought, I have another costume and all of these Halloween costumes, so I just started doing it.”

When I say that Tom had no idea this would blow up.  I'm not just talking about a video going viral.  His neighbors have been donating costumes.  Lots and lots of costumes.    You could see Richard Simmons, Batman or a nun walking Harper, the Roach family dog.  The neighbors never know what to expect from day to day and they absolutely love it.  Check out some of the costumes in the video below.

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