A Cleveland man found 5,000 ways to say thank you to healthcare workers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

David Coury is a huge risk person during this pandemic.  In fact, he was in the hospital undergoing cancer treatment last month as that and many other hospitals were in the beginning of treating patience with Covid-19.  Coury says that the doctors and other healthcare workers saved his life during this pandemic.  According to Fox19.com he found a way to thank the University Hospital staff,

So he and his family, who own several Subway franchises in Northeast Ohio, decided to thank the UH staff.  They stayed up all night making 5,000 sandwiches and preparing boxed lunches to deliver Tuesday morning.

You can click here to see pictures of David's family wearing protective masks and holding signs up thanking the healthcare workers.  The hospital staff was very touched.  In fact, it brought some of them to tears.  Coury's doctor even came down to thank him for his thoughtfulness.


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