This elderly woman decided to live by the "eye for an eye" rule.  So, the family called the cops.

According to,

Officers conducted a welfare check on a woman at the Villa Serena apartments April 15 at the request of her family, who had been unable to contact her in recent days. The woman, 80, appeared fine and said she was ignoring her family because she was upset that they did not call her on Easter Sunday. She told officers she was not ready to speak with them.

Grandma went all gangsta on her family.  I wonder if she knows that most people completely forgot it was Easter due to the quarantine.  Furthermore, she's 80.  If she's not answer her phone during the Covid-19 Pandemic it is reasonable to assume that she is no longer with us.  Grams did not care.

I think the next step for this Ohio grandma would be to hide her last will and testament in an Easter egg that her family has to find after she passes.

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