A 24-year-old woman wanted a McDonald's cookie really, really bad.  Now she's in jail.

Daja Tucker was sentenced to 90 days in jail Wednesday (September 9th, 2020) following her violent tantrum that took place at a McDonald's drive thru in Parma, Ohio on April 9th.

You can see the shocking video footage from Fox 8 Cleveland of this Ohio Cookie Monster climbing into the drive thru window and assaulting 3 employees.  She did more than punch, slap and scratch whoever she could reach.  Tucker went as far as spitting on the employees.

These McDonald's employees are just kids making minimum wage and they get attacked and spit on during a pandemic?  This Cookie Monster should get more than 90 days in jail in my opinion.  But I'm not a judge nor am I an employee of Sesame Street.  The 90 day jail sentence was part of a plea deal according to Fox 8 Cleveland,

As part of a plea deal, the judge found her guilty of attempted assault and criminal damage. She will also be placed on probation when she finishes her jail sentence and was ordered to complete an anger management class.

The victims had minor injuries but are ok.

Why are there some many incidents like this right now?  The fast food rage is crazy.  Are humans so entitled that we need to physically hurt someone because we think we deserve a freakin' cookie?

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