Fast food rage has officially gone too far when pepper spray is involved.

We've all had our issues at a fast food drive-thru.  In fact, I dare say the KFC on Gull Rd in Kalamazoo rarely gets my order correct.  But, these fast food employees are working hard for very little money.  The last thing I'm going to do is make their day worse by complaining.  I'm certainly not going to attack a manager with pepper spray.  According to that's what happened at a South Euclid, Ohio KFC,

A customer at KFC got into an argument with a store manager Sept. 3 after she became upset over the quality of her food. The customer was said to have tried to pepper spray the manager, but no direct contact was made.

I'm trying to think of how bad the food would have to be before I would pepper spray a KFC manager.  I think my food would literally have to be poisoned.  Some how the 36-year-old female suspect got out of this whole ordeal with jus a trespass warning.

Just last month a woman lost her crap on a Burger King employee because she wanted something off of the lunch menu during breakfast time.  You can see that whole ridiculous story by clicking here and see more "Ohio Stop It" stories by clicking the button below.

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