A Kalamazoo based website is under fire for allegedly not shipping products, refusing refunds and not donating proceeds as advertised.

The Better Business Bureau of Southwest Michigan recently released the warning, 'Customers Claim Company Failed to Deliver Products or Charity Donations' about the Inspiring Clothing Store.

BBB file contains a pattern of complaints in which consumer allege non-receipt of ordered merchandise and that the company has refused to provide a refund. Questions have also been raised about whether the company donated a large percentage of sales to Suicide prevention and cancer charities as advertised on the company facebook page.

Among the complaints, customers voiced their concerns about the charity donations.  Inspiring Clothing claimed on their facebook page that 80% of sales would be donated to suicide and cancer charities.  A number of customers claim the reason they purchased items from this website was to support these charities.  That leads us to an immediate red flag.  If you go to Inspiring Clothing's facebook page you'll find they have 0 posts.  Their charity claims are no longer on the facebook page.

Another red flag is connected to the product reviews.  Facebook has a robust review section that many businesses take advantage of with their facebook pages.  This facebook page has removed that feature and added their own "Product Reviews" section.  In that section you'll find screen shots of several women weather shirts and hoodies from the company all with 5 star reviews.  None of the reviews are clickable and none of them are less than 5 stars.

The website claims promotes free 4-7 day shipping.  However, customers have complained that they order items from this site months ago.  Not only have they not received their items, but the company allegedly refused refunds.

The company responded to the BBB by saying they have no outstanding orders.  Customers responded to that by saying they still have not received their orders.  The company's response to the donation of 80% of proceeds was the most alarming,

The donation to charities stuff has been removed (I believe I removed all of it, let me know if there's anything I missed). This was the act of a previous business "partner" who was managing my ads. He's now out of the picture and all that information has been removed. We did in fact donate a bunch of clothing to local support centers however though.

Inspiring Clothing hasn't responded to our request for comment on this story yet.  We will update the story when/if we hear back from them.

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