In the midst of the global pandemic is a little break, a brief respite from the isolation, the monotony, the reality that everyone is dealing with. That break is in Kalamazoo. Kalamazoo Bike Week is underway and goes through Saturday.

“Organizers have adapted to the challenges we’re all facing.  So this year many events can be enjoyed riding solo or as a family, participated in virtually, sharing experiences via social media, or spreading the rides out over Bike Month,” according to Paul Selden, volunteer chair of the overall event.  “The events on the calendar remind everyone of the great bicycling related activities that would normally be available in our diverse and vibrant bicycling community.” - Bike Friendly Kalamazoo.

While bicycling in Michigan is legal at this time, the biggest obstacle, it seems, is the weather. While die-hards will ride in just about any conditions, a family friendly ride is easier to achieve with better weather conditions which are coming at the end of this week. Another benefit might be mental, as gong outside and getting some exercise might keep everyone from being at each other throats.

If you are reading this on Monday, and with snow flurries in the air. the virtual portion of Bike Week is perfect for this weather.

"Bike Bingo" is Monday's highlight activity and is perfect for sharing with all family members. The free download includes multiple bingo cards and connects to cyclists of all age and skill levels. Filling the squares can be done individually or as a family.

For the serious cyclist, the KBC offers the "Lucky 13 Solo" bike rides. As the weather warms this week and month, anyone serious about bicycling should enjoy the rides outlined. Look for more activities here for later in the week.

One note of caution: This is just one person's opinion, and maybe it's just the lack of the usual traffic, but it seems like drivers, especially the ones going through downtown Kalamazoo, are driving more aggressively.

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