Just weeks after a beloved Coldwater business abruptly closed its doors without warning, the new tenant at 50 East Chicago St. is set to welcome its first customers within the coming days.

In January 2023 a mysterious sign was hung on the door of the restaurant formerly known as JT's Billiard Bar and Grill announced its temporary closure as the eatery underwent a rebrand and remodel. I must admit, I didn't quite see this one coming!

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The sign left on the door read,

Thank you to all of you who supported JT's and please come and see us in March for the reopening

The new restaurant replacing JT's will be American Dreams Italian Steakhouse. According to the steakhouse's official Facebook page menu items will include "Italian Cuisine, Steaks, Burgers, Pizza, Calzones, Flatbread Pizza, and homemade breadsticks."

You had me at breadsticks!

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Why The Sudden Change?

If you're confused as to why this rebranding and remodel is happening in the first place, you're not alone. I'm right there with you! Several news sources reached out to the JT's owners for comments but their phone calls were not returned.

A post on the new eatery's Facebook page encourages patrons to call and make a reservation for their grand opening, but those who have tried say they still get a voicemail for JT's.

Grand Opening

Nonetheless, no matter what is happening behind the scenes at American Dreams the front of house will be ready to welcome their first diners on Friday, March 10 at 4:00 p.m.

As much as I love fried bar food, I for one am excited about the new menu that will be featured at American Dreams. Do you plan to check out Coldwater's newest restaurant?

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