If you're going to prison for armed robbery at least demand a Steak Quesarito.

There's no doubt times are tough.  We see stories about armed robbery more times than we care to admit.  The motive is usually the same, money.  Money to support a family.  Money for unpaid medical bills.  Maybe money to help support an addiction.  But, I can't say I've ever heard of a person risking prison time for armed robbery in an attempt to obtain three tacos.

That's what happened at an Akron, Ohio Taco Bell according to Cleveland.com,

A man is in jail facing a robbery charge after police say he went into a Taco Bell, claimed he was armed, and demanded he be given three tacos.

Notice I used the word "attempted."  After claiming he had a gun in his coat and demanding three delicious tacos that would have run him less than $5.  He ended up fleeing the boarder empty handed.

To be clear, the 36-year-old suspect, DeAndre Barclay, actually threatened to shoot a Taco Bell employee for tacos.  Law enforcement quickly found Barclay behind the fast food restaurant with no weapon.  He is now calling the Summit County Jail home until he is either bonded out for $50,000 or until he goes to trial.

There's no word on if Taco Tuesdays are a thing at the Summit County Jail.

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