The end of 2017 brings the chance for Michiganders to see the first New Years Eve ball to be dropped in Allegan and the largest in the State.

For years Midland held the State record for the largest ball that drops on New Years Eve, but the title has been passed onto Allegan

According to, the company that built Allegan's New Years Ball (Ropes Courses, Inc.) said...

"The ball, at 10 feet, 6 inches in diameter, will be the largest in Michigan, beating both Ludington's 6-foot-6-inch ball and Midland's10-foot ball.

Believe it or not, Allegan's ball is only 18 inches smaller than the famous ball that drops in Time Square every year. It is reported that...

"The ball, which features 30,000 multi-colored lights, will be dropped from a 60-foot zipline tower downtown Allegan's riverfront while the community counts down to the end of 2017."

So if you don't have plans to ring in the New Year yet heading to Allegan for the celebration may be the best idea of the year!


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