If you took time off from work to get some business done at the Secretary of State's office, it turns out it won't matter. All Secretary of State offices in the lower Peninsula are closed this afternoon due to the snowstorm.

Michigan license plate
Photo: Dave Benson, Jr.

Officials at the Secretary of State say "customers are advised to follow news reports, check Michigan.gov or visit the Branch Office Locator before driving to an office tomorrow."

"All appointments or hearings scheduled for this afternoon have been adjourned. People who have appointments or hearings tomorrow should check before heading out. If the state is closed at the time of the appointment, the hearing will be adjourned to another day."

If you're worried about expiring plates or tags, the Secretary of State says it "mails notices to motorists 45 days before their driver's license or license plates expire to give them ample time to renew. Licenses and plates that expire on a day when state offices are closed, such as a holiday, weekend or weather emergency, can be renewed the following day without penalty."

Most people renewing license plates, driver's licenses and ID cards can do business online at www.ExpressSOS.com or by mail.


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