A terrifying freak accident at an Indiana Bob Evans leaves employees a little shaken.

The people inside a Bob Evans restaurant in New Albany, Indiana got the surprise of their lives earlier this week.  A customer caused quite an explosion in the bathroom according to WHAS 11,

Police said the woman sat on her purse while in the bathroom at Bob Evans and her gun was accidentally discharged. She was struck and injured when the bullet ricochet.

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The woman's identity was not released by the police.  But we do know she is expected to have a full recovery as it was a non-life-threatening gunshot wound to the head.

The gun accidentally discharging, where it is alarming, it's not that strange.  Even the bullet ricocheting and striking the woman in the head, as crazy as it is, is explainable.  Many of us are left wondering how and why the woman sat on her purse in the ladies' room.

Can you imagine how puzzling the investigation would have been had she not made it?  What a crazy situation.  Luckily that wasn't the case, and we're all super happy that the victim will be ok.

Keep your safety on and have a great day.

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