A friend was telling me this week about that new discount store on the north side of Battle Creek, and I was so curious that I dropped by.   CTS Deep Discount is certainly a different kind of store than anything else in town.

Recently opened, CTS Deep Discount is located at 260 E Roosevelt Avenue, right between "Save-a-Lot Foods" and the Habitat Re-Store.

They feature all kinds of things, including toys, shoes, clothing, cleaning and garden supplies, electronics, and household furnishings.

CTS Deep Discount-TSM Photo

There are a few things you need to know about CTS Deep Discount.

They're closed Monday.  That's when they clear things out and re-stock with the latest merchandise to come in.

People are lined up outside the door on Tuesday before the 10am opening, to get first crack at the new stuff.

A lot of items are a dollar, but most are $8 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  They get marked down to $6 on Friday and Saturday, and $3 on Sunday.

If you like your merchandise all neatly arranged on shelves, go somewhere else.  Everything is piled on tables, and it might be orderly at 10am on Tuesday, but not so much after the first customers come through.   But hunting through the pile is half the fun!

No returns! All sales are final.

The staff is very friendly, and the customers seem to be having a great time!

CTS Deep Discount-TSM Photo

Here are a few photos of the inside of the store.

CTS Deep Discount