It was a "Troll" that made the historic drive. The 200-millionth vehicle has crossed the "Mighty Mac". 

A family trip to the Upper Peninsula caused Kurt Dalman to leap into Michigan’s annals of history. On Wednesday, June 15th, Dalman had left his Tawas City home and was driving his family northward across the Mackinac Bridge on a trip to Pictured Rocks. At 6:18 p.m., after paying the $4-dollar toll, he headed his 2021 Toyota Corolla towards St. Ignace. Upon reaching the toll plaza, on the shores of the Upper Peninsula, his family, wife Anna, and children Seth and Teresa were greeted by the staff of the Mackinac Bridge Authority and awarded a framed print of the bridge and a gift basket of local items.  

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A smiling Anna Dalman told the awaiting staff members, 

We’re headed to Pictured Rocks. This will be the kids’ first big hike. We were very surprised. We had no idea this milestone was coming up.

Construction on the Mackinac Bridge began in May 1954 and the completed structure was opened to traffic on Nov. 1, 1957. The MBA's sole source of funding is from tolls and fees collected, with all revenue used to maintain, operate and protect the bridge. At 5 miles long, the Mackinac Bridge is currently the fifth-longest suspension bridge in the world. The height of the roadway at mid-span is approximately 200 feet above water level. 

Troll is a term, used by "Yoopers", for Michiganders who live in the lower peninsula, under the bridge. It was on Sept. 6th, 2009, when another "Troll", Richard Snyder of Clare, Michigan, drove the 150 millionth vehicle across the bridge. It appears that the "Yoopers" may be a little wary of crossing the raging waters of the Straits of Mackinac to visit the scenic lowlands of their southerly fellow Michiganders. 

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