This morning I shared that Taylor Swift's mother was recently diagnosed with cancer. There were no signs of her being sick at all. Taylor and her brother just wanted their mom to get checked out just in case, and turns out she did have cancer.

This inspired KFR listener Jennifer Chaffin to share her story, which is very similar.

Jennifer wrote:

I just heard you talking about Taylor's mom going in and being diagnosed with cancer no symptoms.

I have a personal story for you that you may share.
I went to the doctor for elbow pain on 2/12 and stated that since I had just turned 40 and they raised our flexible spending at work I would like to get a mammogram.
My mammogram was 2/19.
We have no family history of breast cancer and I had never had any symptoms.
Well within the last month and a half I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer which is very aggressive. I thought I would be like others who stated they just had the tumor removed and needed radiation.
Well my surgeon threw me for a loop. I just started last week my first round of chemotherapy and will have 15 more treatments prior to having surgery and radiation.
YOU ARE RIGHT!!!! You don't have to have symptoms and/or have a family history.
Please let everyone know this and that they (women and men) should get mammograms. It is a simple procedure that I believe has saved my life.
I never thought this would be me. Good news is it's very early and has not spread in to any other part of my body, lymphatic system included.
I feel like the lucky one right now.
Sorry this is long just wanted to share.
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