With our food making so many stops before it gets to our table in Ohio, it's hard to know sometimes what exactly is in our everyday food items. From processing to packaging to store shelves, our foods are bound to pick up something extra we don't want to consume. And one of those hidden dangers affecting Ohioans found in food can harm our health.

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Cancer-Causing Chemicals Found In Popular Food Items

When we think of the food we eat daily, we consider the usual factors like taste, nutrition, and freshness, but our favorite foods could contain harmful plastic chemicals. According to a recent study from Consumer Reports, bisphenols and phthalates are at high rates in foods and drinks we enjoy from the grocery store and our favorite restaurants. These plastic chemicals have been linked to many health concerns, even at low levels. Plastic containers, wraps, and even plastic-lined cans can all be sources of these chemicals.

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Health Concerns With Plastic Chemicals In Food And Drinks

According to Consumer Reports, high levels of phthalates can cause hormone disruptions in our bodies and cause severe health problems:

Even minor disruptions in hormone levels can contribute to an increased risk of several health problems, including diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, birth defects, premature birth, neurodevelopmental disorders, and infertility.

Understanding which foods are more likely to contain plastic chemicals and opting for fresh, unpackaged foods whenever possible are good ways to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Check the list below for food items and their total phthalates per serving.

Cancer Causing Chemicals Found In 40 Popular Ohio Food Items

Check the list below for food items and their total phthalates per serving according to a study from Consumer Reports.

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