Here's something truly unique from the WKFR vaults: A video from the KFR studios in Kalamazoo all the way back in 1990. Our beloved Dave Benson was still doing Afternoons back then and can be seen at the 10:20 mark of the video. From what we know it was shot the day before Valentine's Day.

This is a Throwback Thursday goldmine! The difference in technology is insane! You can see he cassette and cds in the backround as well as the reel-to-reel being used as well. Strangely enough, we still use the same board that they used back then today!

What are some of your favorite memories of KFR from back in the day? Dave Benson is still going strong today as well as Heather McGregor who was around in the early 90's as well. We really should start the process of diging up the old swimming pool that was filled up years ago. Whose down for a pool party?!



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