The worst father of the year is wanted by the FBI.

Every time you read a story that begins with "A Florida Man..." you may think it can't get worse than that.  Well, here's another example of Ohio saying, "Florida, hold my PBR."

Tuesday afternoon a white male carrying a toddler walked into a Direct Credit Union in Maumee, Ohio.  The only deposit he made was a note that contained a bomb threat.  Then he made a large withdrawal of other people's money.  That's right, he robbed a credit union while carrying a baby.  I guess we give him 1 point for not leaving his kid unattended in the silver Cadillac that they used to flee the scene of the crime.  However, we're not giving him a point for the Covid-19 mask since it doubled as a face covering in hopes to not be recognized.  He was dressed as quite the preppy dude bro according to WPTA 21,

The suspect was wearing an orange and blue hooded sweatshirt, black and white shorts, orange Nike sneakers and a blue surgical mask. Authorities estimate the child is 2 years old.

There is not word on how much the bank robber got away with and if he robbed an Abercrombie & Fitch previous to the bank robbery.  We'll keep you updated.

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