Fridays are great. It's the end of the workweek, we finally get some time to relax....and we get to make fun of Florida!

To no one's surprise, making fun of Florida is an easy thing to do. And since I'm a former Floridian I feel perfectly comfortable confirming that to be true. Did I just make a rhyme?

Today's story comes out of Orlando where a man took his New Years celebrations a little too far. Shocking. As reported by, Joseph Prohaska was seen by neighbors driving, not a car or a skateboard or a bike...but an AIRBOAT up and down the streets. Now, in Florida, airboats are very common. There are tours where people pay to fly around on those things so they can maybe see some alligators. #Florida am I right? Here's a visual for reference.

New Interior Secretary Sally Jewell Tours Florida Wildlife Refuge
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So, imagine if you will, peeking out your window to see your neighbor, not just driving this thing up and down your street, but also setting off fireworks. Prohaska managed to knock over some trash cans too. Police officers, of course, were called. That's when Prohaska made the genius decision to threaten the officers as they were arresting him.

The original story doesn't mention any sort of substances that Prohaska may have been under the influence of...but, because I'm from Florida, I'm going to guess that yes he was.

He was charged with disorderly conduct and making threats to to a law enforcement officer.

We cover a new and ridiculous Florida story every week with Florida Man Friday. Check back next week to see what new absurdities have emerged from the Sunshine State!

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