Juliana's Restaurant wants to spoil you as the enjoy 30 years of success

Mlive is spreading the word of how Juliana's Restaurant wants to celebrate 30 years in business.

Julianna’s Restaurant is making their everyday special even cheaper. From Monday, July 8, through Thursday, July 11, both coffee and the two-eggs-and-toast breakfast are offered for 30 cents each.

But it is not just about the food that has made Juliana's Restaurant a staple in our community it is also the pride and joy that Sandy and Jim Bloomfield have put into business.

Younger customers are invited to come share the experience of home-cooked food and learn to make anything on the menu from pancakes to buffalo chicken wraps. In fact according to Sandy one Little Chef has since graduated and is now on staff as a waitress.

I have to be honest I have only experienced the restaurant once and it back in the early 1990's. After a night of college bar hooping, a group of us ended up at the diner. I unfortunately, did not have the best experience. I ordered a grill cheese sandwich and the plastic was still wrapped around the cheese...not so good. Yet with 30 years in the business I am more then willing to give the joint another whirl.

Juliana's Restaurant 

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