This man in Elkhart, Indiana has kept this burger in a drawer for 10 years waiting for this big day.

Here's a little back story from,

On July 2, 2009, I bought a plain McDonald’s hamburger at the North Main Street location in Elkhart. I took it back to my desk, opened the wrapper and put it in a drawer. The patty started to shrivel. The bun dried and the bottom half of the toasted bread actually cracked at some point.

This story is written in first person by the columnist Marshall V. King.  So, I guess he's the man with the 10-year-old McDonald's burger sitting in it's original wrapper in his desk.  That is until he decided to take it back to the McDonald's where he purchased it to have a birthday celebration.  You may be asking yourself, "but why?"  According to there is a reason why he keeps the 10-year-old burger,

I keep the burger because it’s cool, it’s odd and it’s a reminder to pay attention to what and how we eat. Home-baked bread will grow mold far sooner than one purchased at the grocery store. Fresh strawberries will get fuzzy if left on the counter. A McDonald’s hamburger won’t. (Interestingly, I’ve noticed that lettuce grown in soil ages faster than hydroponic greens, though I’m not sure what that means. Studying that as I eat more greens wouldn’t hurt me.)

I can think of 1.5 million better ways to remind me not to eat fast food.  But hey, I have no beef with this guy.  This is a cheesy way to handle but it works for him.

Happy birthday gross, old piece of meat.

Click here to see a picture of this former food.


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