A little cottage industry seems to have sprung up surrounding Oberon Day, and what treats to pair with it. Pairing a freshly brewed Oberon on Monday, March 22nd with a sweet item has become the thing to do.

The latest local business to do this is Macarons by Mariah, a small, female owned business has entered the fray with Oberon blue macarons. Put together an assortment of blue and orange macarons and yoyu've got something. Now, chances are, this year, much like last year, you may be buying them for your own personal celebration, as many people are still working remotely, and sharing food at work seems a bit premature.

The owner, Mariah, fell in love with macarons on a trip to Paris and when she returned kept making her own refining each batch.

If this sound like something you're interested in, check out the FAQ page on here site. They offer free delivery in Kalamazoo County, but charge for elsewhere. Another thing to be aware of, they have strict covid masking policies.

"Please wear a mask during your delivery. If you attempt to receive your order without wearing a mask, your macarons will be given directly to the nursing staff at Bronson Methodist Hospital. If you have already paid for your order, that payment will be donated to the Kalamazoo Community Foundation’s Community Urgent Relief Fund."

So if you begin your Oberon Day early, here another option, to join specially made donuts, by places like Sweetwater's and Meijer. Bon Apetit.

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