This is another sign of how long the pandemic has been. I can't even remember if there was an Oberon Day celebration last year. I'm pretty sure there was one the year before because Bell's founder Larry Bell did a Facebook Live type virtual toast from his home, at dinner time two years ago.

Our Holiday

What's not to love about taking a Monday off, or playing hookey in the afternoon, and just enjoying our beer and some food and live music. The crowd Monday was all ages, but The Docksiders were the perfect musical choice playing "yacht" rock hits from the 70's and 80's.

Greenspace next to office buildings

This picture below really captures the beauty of Oberon Day at the Eccentric Cafe's beer garden. A greenspace surrounded by office buildings, new construction, and trains going by every so often, right next to the fence.

Oberon Day 2022 at Bell's Eccentric Cafe (Dave Benson, TSM)
Oberon Day 2022 at Bell's Eccentric Cafe (Dave Benson, TSM)

And about the beer. Strangely, this year, I don't think I had a "plain" regular Oberon. Bell's paid attention to the popularity of variants, (don't be afraid. I know variant conjures up images of new Covid viruses, but in this context, it's just new flavored versions of the beer of summer. Mango Habanero Oberon was tapped at 4 pm, as it's been around the longest, but there were several other options. Cherry Oberon seemed to be received well, as Pineapple Jalapeno, but my personal favorite was Chipotle Lime. A nice little burn in the back of my throat and quite tasty.

Outta Party Shape

But it's been a while since I've been on my feet for hours, standing with friends, drinking beers and maybe swaying a little to the music. I need to get back in party shape. Lose the Covid-30 and get back on my feet.

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Spring is back and so is Oberon. All of sudden, the world isn't so depressing.

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