The folks at Meijer and the folks at Bell's got together and talked. And the results will be in your Michigan Meijer store on Monday, which happens to be Oberon Day.The Meijer Bakery will be creating Oberon-inspired cookies, cupcakes and donuts. These sweets will be available in all Michigan Meijer locations for a limited time.

Meijer says their "chefs created a special orange-flavor sugar cookie that plays off of the signature orange slice that is served with an Oberon."

The donuts and the cookies will be "decorated using colors associated with the Oberon label – light blue, orange and dark blue. There is no beer used in making any of these products."

“The annual Oberon launch is a fun time of the year in Michigan with more celebrations happening to mark the event,” said Brad Miller, bakery buyer for Meijer. “We are so proud to support our fellow West Michigan friends at Bell’s Brewery by creating special bakery treats that can be a creative addition to any Oberon party.” - Meijer release

Sure sounds like they'll be a great compliment to any Oberon celebration Monday and beyond.


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