A very violent fight breaks out in a moving vehicle near a Home Depot in Flint, Michigan.

Is this reverse road rage?  Or maybe inverted road rage?  When I first saw this dashcam video my first reaction was to laugh.  But since we don't know what's going on here, someone could be in real danger.

In the video below we see a white pick-up truck leaving the Home Depot.  As the truck pulls up to the traffic light it looks like the passenger reaches over to the driver.  Then the driver swings at the passenger.  That's followed by the passenger simply pummeling the drive with punch after punch as they sit at the red light.  There does appear to be another person and a dog in the truck.

The only other info we have on this incident is the caption on the youtube video that was posted on August 7th by V10BEETLEGAMING,

My girlfriend and her mother were leaving the Home Depot in Flint Michigan and while waiting for the stoplight saw the people in the truck in front of them arguing. After the light changed and they rolled forward they just started punching the hell out of each other. They continued to do so further down the road after the clip ended. No idea what it was about.

Does anyone know who this is and if everyone involved is ok?

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