A child fired a shot with a gun inside their mother's purse at Sam's Club in Boardman, Ohio Saturday morning.

Just when you thought your biggest worry while shopping at a huge store like Sam's Club was catching Covid-19, this happens.  It's unclear at this time if the 7-year-old child pulled the gun out of their mother's purse and pulled the trigger or accidentally discharged the fire arm when reaching for something else.

What we have gathered from WKBN.com is that the mother and child were near a checkout line when the mother was distracted.  That's when the child accidentally fired the pistol.  Thankfully, nobody was hurt was hurt in the incident.  In fact, everyone continued to shop after the shooting and through the investigation.  Don't stand in the way of Sam Club members and free samples on Saturday mornings, am I right?

Boardman Police Sgt. Glenn Patton talked to WKBN about possible charges in this incident,

...police will gather evidence and confer with the prosecutor as to whether any charges will be filed against the mother.

The mother did have a license to carry.

This story is in no way meant to make fun of this young child.  It's not often that we have Ohio Stop It stories about young children.  However, you might want to check out the story about the 10-year-old that lead police on a car chase after steeling a vehicle.  Click here for that story.

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