9-1-1 received multiple calls about a reckless driver on I-75 driving around 90 MPH.

The young suspect's grandmother told WDTN, I let my grandson, 9-years-old, take my car keys to listen to my phone on the radio."  The boy blew into the installed breathalyzer to start the van and took off.

After heading South on I-15 from Tipp City, the young man drove 20 miles toward Dayton, Ohio.  Only to then exit the highway, turn around and head back North toward home.

The 9-1-1 calls were coming in hot and heavy for about half an hour.  At this point, nobody realized the reckless driver was a small child.

Before the police could get to him the joyride ended after the boy crashed into 2 cars according to WHIOTV,

It wasn’t until the aftermath of the crash that troopers realized there was a 9-year-old behind the wheel.  No one was injured in the impact and the boy was taken into custody.  He was later released to his grandmother but troopers say he could be facing a list of traffic charges, including grand theft auto in Miami County Juvenile Court.

In this families defense, I too learned how to drive at a young age.  However, I did not learn how to blow in a breathalyzer to start a car.

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