With the cold, snowy weather, you can now get away with a few things!

With this winters cold snap, Buzzfeed.com had some ideas on how to use it to get-a-way with bad behavior.

1. Snack in bed: No matter how hungry you are, it is far too cold to crawl out of the snugly blankets for chips on a cold sofa. So, grab your favorite nibbles and head back to bed.

2. Place a small animal in your scarf: With the freezing weather we are all wrapping up, and why not tuck your fur baby in your scarf?! They will be cozy and you will stay warm.

3. Blame the cold for why you are not exercising: Even though your body temperature heats up with exercise, I find a warm, fuzzy blanket and a cup of tea more inviting (besides, with the weather so chilling, the chances of you sporting a bathing suit are unlikely).

4. Get out of social events thanks to a weather-induced illness: No need to put on a front of "family emergency" when attempting to get out of Saturday night date. Since it is so cold, you can simply use the "I think I am coming down with a cold" excuse to stay in.

5. Say "Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" as much as you want: Because, simply, it is so darn cold!


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