The Village of Schoolcraft is small with a population under 1,600 residents but it's huge in history.  Throw in a local urban legend and a heavily enforced speed limit and you have...

5 Things Everyone From Schoolcraft Knows

#5 Don't Speed!

Nevada Baker tells us that if you go even 1 MPH over the speed limit you will be pulled over in Schoolcraft.  I've heard that from multiple people in the past.

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#4 Long Trains!

You can get caught at a railroad crossing for what feels like days.


#3 Fourth of July Parade

Alan Smith commented on facebook Schoolcraft has one of the biggest 4th of July parades in the state."


#2 The Underground Railroad.

Amber Baker told us "Rich history of the underground railroad."  She wasn't kidding.  According to Wikipedia, 

The Schoolcraft home of Dr. Nathan Thomas served as a "station" on the Underground Railroad. Dr. Thomas, the first doctor in Kalamazoo County and a Quaker who avidly supported and led abolitionist efforts in Michigan, first built the house in 1835 on the corner of Cass St. and Centre St. Between 1840 and 1860, it is estimated that Dr. Thomas and his wife Pamela Brown Thomas sheltered between 1,000 and 1,500 fugitive slaves on their way to Canada.

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#1 The Glowing Headstone.

Michelle Grinder shared the Urban Legend of the Glowing Headstone in Harrison Cemetery with us.  According to,

...the "glowing tombstone" , at a distance you can see one tombstone glow in the dark. The tombstone glows until you get to the edge of the cemetery, then it goes dark. You cant really pinpoint the actual tomb and there's no lights around to illuminate it either. Some say its made out of phosphorous and others say its mercury vapor reflecting off a shiny tombstone.

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