And just like that...summer is right around the corner.

I know it hasn't really felt like summer is on the way. After all, it's May 7th with a high of 52 degrees. Not really the warm weather we were all expecting. However, that doesn't change the fact that pretty soon your kids will be done with school and on the hunt for activities to stay occupied over the summer. has put together an incredible list of summer camps happening this summer in Kalamazoo. All of which seem to be taking extra precautions to make sure that both their staff and your kids feel safe while attending. These are just a few that I found most interesting:

1. Sherman Lake YMCA Camp

The Sherman Lake YMCA Camp is one of the newest in the state of Michigan and they offer a lot of different types of camps starting in June of this year. They feature a Day Camp that includes activities like canoeing and archery. They have an Overnight Camp as well as a Leadership Camp for your high schoolers. Check out their website for schedules and registration.

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2. Van Buren Youth Camp 

Van Buren Youth Camp has been around since 1950. Their mission is to, "serve youth by providing opportunities for mental, physical and spiritual growth." They offer many activities like archery, flying kites and scavenger hunts. But, what caught my attention was one of their traditions. They have a few but the Special Day sounds right up my alley (she says as a grown woman who will not be attending summer camp). It's a "day-long participatory skit during which the campers help the visiting heroes save Camp from villains, who often want to turn camp into a parking lot." Preserving nature while pretending to be heroes? Absolutely. Find more information on Van Buren Youth Camp's website.

3. Camp Kidwell 

Operated by the non-profit Allegan County 4-H Clubs, Camp Kidwell has been around for nearly 70 years, according to their website. The camp sits on 150 acres on the shores of Eagle Lake where they offer day camps, overnight camps and summer camps.

4. Kalamazoo Nature Center Camp

Okay, does the above picture have anything to do with summer camp? No. But look how ADORABLE. The Kalamazoo Nature Center Camps offer both full day and half day camps. As well, they offer different experiences for different age groups. For example, if your little one is in grades 1-3, they'll spend the day exploring the wetlands, get creative in the Art Room or go hiking on the nature trails. You can find the full list of aged based camps, registration and schedule here.

5. Air Zoo

Nothing awakens my inner "nerd" faster than something involving space and technology. And that's thanks to a science camp I attended as a kid. The Air Zoo's goal with their camps is to inspire children and engage them in activities that will get them excited about STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math). They're offering a blend of both in-person and virtual camps for your kids to attend. You can find the full schedule, other activities offered and more on their website.

These are just a few of the long list that Kzoo Kids put together. You can find the full list here. And for you parents of older teens, keep in mind that a large number of camps are looking not just for attendees, but for workers too. Contact any of the camps directly to inquire about employment.

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