Halloween is more than just costumes and candy.  It's also about creepy creatures!

Here are the 5 Creepiest Creatures of Halloween

#5.  Black Cats
There is a myth that you can not adopt black cats from animal         shelters in October.  Not sure when or why this started, but we confirmed with Katy Timber of the SPCA of Southwest Michigan that this is not a real thing.

Cell phone shot of black cat laying on the table in cold light


#4.  Ravens
The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe has to be the reason why this adorable bird was thrust into Halloween's creepy corner.

Talking Raven
mischief the talking raven - stelpip YouTube


#3.  Wolves
I think the sound of the wolf howl has more to do with it's creepy connection to Halloween than the scary "Werewolf" does.  What do you think?

Ingram Publishing


#2.  Spiders
I like Halloween, but I hate spiders.  They are soooo creepy.  Check out the spider that took over my house below.

Creepy Spider
TSM: Dana Marshall


#1.  Bats
I personally think bats are equal parts creepy and cute.  However, when they're flying at your head in your basement, cute has flown out the window.  Here's a video of me trying to remove a bat from my basement last year.



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