This teenager is making roads safer one pothole at a time

Most teenagers spend their free time, hanging out with friends, or playing video games, but not Monte Scott from Muskegon! He has taken to the streets and repairing the potholes in his neighborhood.

The Mayor of Muskegon admits that the city has a pothole problem, but political red tape is slowing down the repair of the roads. Monte is not waiting on anyone else to fix the situation, he is doing it himself. This brilliant young man takes the dirt from his backyard and fills the holes.

Monte started his mission to improve the roadways when he was driving with his mother, they hit a pothole and her vehicle was damaged. He explained that he did not want someone else to harm their car, and took it upon himself to fix the streets!

This is not the first time that this young man has taken to the streets to help others and his town. According to his Mom...

He's just a kid that likes to help people. If it's the fall, he's raking leaves. Summer, spring, he's cutting grass. Winter, he's blowing snow.

Monte doesn't get paid for his good deeds, he does it because it is something he learned from his mother, giving back. Monte told CBS News...

I tell myself: I have a responsibility of doing something to help the community out.

What a wonderful young man! I look forward to all the differences this young man will make in his community as well as the rest of the world!

Check Out Monte Scott on Fox 47 News

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