Do you remember Michigan superstar Darrel the Construction Barrel?

I think we can all agree that 2019 feels like a hundred years ago.  However, at this time just 4 years ago a construction barrel became super famous for swimming across Lake Michigan.

The construction barrel that apparently belonged to the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin had somehow made its way across Lake Michigan and washed up on the shore of Muskegon, Michigan.  Nobody could have predicted what would happen next.  Darrel the Barrel made TV appearances.  I'm not sure why the mic pack was needed, however, admittedly I don't know anything about barrels.  Darrel the Barrel also had scheduled public appearances so West Michigan residents could have their photos taken with the local celebrity.

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To say that Darrel the Barrel covered West Michigan during his vacation would be an understatement.  Click here to see the many photos and videos of Darrel on the City of Muskegon Facebook page.

Where is Darrel the Barrel now?

After a substantial welcome back to Wisconsin party, Darrel went back to work on the streets of Milwaukee.  Meanwhile, Connie the traffic cone isn't a big swimmer so she has chosen to live vicariously through Darrel.

The day that Darrel was discovered on the shore at Pere Marquette, October 8th, 2019, will never be forgotten.

Darrel isn't the only cute and unexpected discovery in Muskegon.  Muskegon is also home to the smallest bar in Michigan.  And it is small.

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