Open Doors Kalamazoo is a community of people who are helping to fight homelessness through relationships, housing, employment, education, and sobriety and have been helping the community for 51 years. Recently, two 11 year old girls in Kalamazoo, Addy and Alexis, stepped up to the plate to help our community, after learning of Open Doors, and decided they wanted to help the homeless community right here in Kalamazoo. Open Doors recognized them and their efforts on Facebook:

These 11-year-old champions heard about Open Doors through their parents and, determined to make a difference in their community, collected items to donate to our shelter and hotel guests. They collected enough items to fill the back of a van! Items included hygiene products, hats, gloves, socks, and other items that someone who is unhoused might need.
The youngsters even took time out to get educated on the subject:
They also visited our administrative office and learned from deputy director Dr. Tiffany White about equity and unhoused community members. Thank you, Addy and Alexis, for sharing your big hearts with the guests of Open Doors, and rallying your community to pitch in. You have truly made a difference!
The pandemic has been especially hard for the homeless in Kalamazoo, having little resources, being force out of encampments and relocate, the community has done more them than anyone else, having most recently set up a free pantry a refrigerated items area near the PFC in Downtown Kalamazoo. These two girls are a bright reminder of our future generation and the heart they will be showing for years to come. Way to go girls.

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