Try as someone might, we from Michigan know a tourist when we see them!

I remember purchasing guide books for the cities I would be visiting when traveling. Yet, there are so many things that are never listed, you can only learn them by living in that area. With all the visitors our incredible state will receive this summer, here are a few tips to spot a tourist from afar.

10 Ways To Spot A Tourist In Michigan...

  1. They wear a coat when it 50 degrees outside
  2. A Michigan left can cause them to be 20 minutes late because they got lost
  3. They are dying to try a 'Michigan Coney'
  4. They don't wave or say hello
  5. They wear any other jersey but a Detroit Lions
  6. They can not pronounce Mackinac
  7. They have no idea how to take directions shown on someones palm
  8. They don't believe there is a place called 'Kalamazoo'
  9. They order a 'soda' with their meal rather then a 'pop'
  10. When they feel ill, they have no idea that Vernors will fix any aliment

I would love to know what you have observed about visitors to our lovely state!


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