It's something that some of us do in Michigan with cars and other things as well. Over the winter we keep things stored up until we bust it back out again after the snow melts. One Michigan man did the same thing with his car. Actually, I'm sure there are a ton of other people who do this as well so you mmay want to take a page out of this guy's chapter.

After Kellen Moore, a resident of Gaylord, took his car out of storage something didn't seem right about the car. He eventually popped the hood and discovered over 50 pounds of pinecones stuffed under his hood where a squirrel had been making his home over winter:

Gabe Awrey, a friend of Kellen, posted this picture on Facebook further commenting:

Literally every free space in that engine bay was FILLED. the heat from the engine opened all of these bad boys up too, making them lodged in some places.

Another friend commented saying: I saw this car driving the other day and wondered why pine cones were falling out. 😂

Squirrels got no respect.







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