Monie Smith
Monie Smith

We are on the search for the BEST Marching band in West Michigan, but what did you learn from being a band geek?

WKFR is searching for the best Marching Band in West Michigan and that got me thinking. I LOVED being part of the marching band. In fact to this day my closest friends are those that I marched with way back when. We were proud band geeks, and I realize, how a little band that could (and did) taught me some of life's greatest lessons.

Here are the 10 Golden Rules I learned from being part of a Marching Band and Drum Corp.

  1. Early is on time, on time is late.
  2. Keep your horn at a 45 degree angle (in no band terms, stand up straight).
  3. Don't touch broken reeds on the floor.
  4. There is no substitute for preparation and practice.
  5. Keep your mind on ice and your heart on fire.
  6. The show will go on.
  7. If you are caught talking, you will be doing push-ups.
  8. Check your ego at the door.
  9. "One more time" never means the end of practice, no matter how late it is.
  10. One group, with one desire, can make magic happen.
Monie Smith
Monie Smith

I cherish the great memories and lessons that I learned, but I love the people I experienced it with more!

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