Sometimes being a law-abiding citizen can be hard if you're not aware of all the laws that apply in your area. Something that may seem within reason to do could cost you a hefty fine or jail time depending on where in Michigan you are.

We're not talking about the simple laws like harming someone, driving or parking laws, or even littering/loitering laws but the abstract laws that make no sense. The laws that you could break without thinking twice are the scariest, so here are 10 of Michigan's craziest laws you may not have heard of.

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A TikTok video posted by a user (the_michigander) who shares interesting videos and facts about Michigan on his page, shared a video where he lists off 10 puzzling Michigan Laws.

@the_michigander These can’t be real, right? #michigan #laws #michigander #michiganders ♬ original sound - The Michigander

Whole State Worries

In the entire state of Michigan, you aren't allowed to sell a car on Sundays whether you work at a dealership or not. This is also part of the reason banks and auto insurance places are closed on Sundays as well, making it virtually impossible to finalize a deal.

You also can't paint any sparrows to sell them as parakeets. First off, I didn't realize that you could paint a sparrow and secondly who is selling sparrows or parakeets in the first place? This law brings about way too many questions because how many people are buying parakeet-painted sparrows or just birds in general?

Lastly, the weirdest state laws have entered the chat room. These are things like being sued by a robber who was injured while breaking into your home, your dentist and every other dentist in the state being classified as a mechanic, and even being drunk on a train all punishable offenses in Michigan.

Chaos By The City

The other half of the laws presented in the video were specific to certain cities within the Mitten state meaning you may be able to do something in one town and receive consequences in the next town over.

Detroit doesn't allow any pigs to roam freely, which of course makes perfect sense because why would anyone want to encounter a free-roaming pig within the city. The tricky part of this law is that a pig IS free to roam if it has a nose ring in. At the same time, if you enjoy mini golf, you can only play until 1 a.m. when in the city of Detroit because that's closing time on putt putt golf for the entire city.

In Port Huron moving over for emergency vehicles may be even more important than in any other city. An ambulance in Port Huron cannot exceed 20 miles per hour and will need all the assistance it can get. Not sure what's the reason for not being able to drive faster, especially in the case of an emergency, but laws are laws.

Meanwhile, a couple of Southwest Michigan cities have made the list of cities with weird laws. First, Grand Haven letting you know that leaving your hoop skirt chilling in the road or on the sidewalk is not acceptable. I'm not sure how often people are wearing hoop skirts and where they discard them, but Grand Haven is not one of those places.

Lastly, the great city of Wayland has some news for those who live on Main Street. If you want to own a cow it's going to cost you a whopping three cents a day to keep that cow, just because you live on Main Street.

This may not be all of the weird laws that exist within the state, but it is a handful of the craziest ones. I saw something about it being illegal to swear in front of women or children and better yet, you can't even serenade your own girlfriend in Kalamazoo.

Do you know of any other weird or crazy laws in Michigan? Did you know that any of these things listed above were considered laws?

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