Just this week, Yuengling Beer, the Pennsylvania-based lager company tweeted out a graphic alluding that a new state would be chosen for the beer company to sell their product in. Yuengling has always been a Michigan favorite mostly because, I believe, it's not the easiest beer to come by.

Obviously Michigan was excited to be chosen as a possible destination for the company; mainly because this state is starting to own every other "beer" state with the amount of breweries we have. Sadly those hopes were crushed as the company decided to pass over selling in Michigan in its decision:

So that's it! Arkansas gets Yuengling beer and not Michigan.I'm not too salty about it to be honest. There's only a few things in Arkansas, besides farms, so I'm sure the entire state is gonna make this news a holiday of some sort. Like I said, I'm not too bothered. I'll just stick to some Bell's,Shorts and North Peak. I'd say "dilly dilly," but I don't drink garbage. Cheers!


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