Did you know there's a website dedicated to archiving every website on the planet since the 90's?  You won't believe what I found on this site.

I stumbled on to an internet archive called the Wayback Machine last night.  I was shocked to learn you can search any web address and find websites and pictures that you thought were long gone.  For example, WKFR.com has been archived 366 times since 1996.  Below is a screenshot of the fancy photo gallery from our website in 1997 featuring Heather McGregor and Weird Al Yankovich.

Dana Marshall

Heather has confessed that she still owns those denim shorts in the bottom picture.  YIKES!

OK, to keep it fair here's a screenshot from DanaMarshall.com from 2002.

Dana Marshall

This archive is an incredible trip down memory lane.  Old logos, old pics, and hilariously terrible 90's web design.  In fact, each website in the 90's really shows you the major limitations we had with technology.  Especially how incredibly small the photos are.

Speaking of photos, not all pictures will properly load.  So, it is hit and miss.  But it is worth spending a little time on this archive.  Check it out by clicking here.

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