I will admit that sometimes I get hooked into the "eBay" world and start bidding on items that all though I don't need, would be fun to have. Well this next item up for bid is one of those I don't think anyone needs nor would I even want to touch to sell. According to WWJ the memorabilia website "Gotta Have It!" has not only a pair of Madonna's worn panties, but also a love letter sent to her from ex-boyfriend and Hip Hop legend Tupac Shakur, and a used hairbrush with some of her hair in it. It's like a creepy stalkers' treasure chest!

Last year, a judge ordered Gotta Have It! Collectibles to pull the items from its impending July rock 'n' roll-themed auction after the Rochester, Michigan native sought an emergency court order. However, Monday it was revealed that the judge dismissed the case on the grounds that the law of limitations to recover the items had passed. The auction house that represents the website told The New York Times it had done due diligence on the items and was confident Madonna had no claim to them. So for any creepers out there...good luck, kinda.




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