Parking tickets are feeding over 350 cats in Muncie, Indiana.

The Muncie Police Department has teamed up with the Muncie Animal Care & Services according to the following announcement from their facebook page:

It's not just wet and dry cat food.  The program also allows people to bring in litter, wet/pate canned food, beds, blankets, etc. instead of paying their parking tickets with money.

Which leads me to the question.  Why don't we do things like this here in West Michigan.  Not just for parking tickets and not just for cats.  What if all ticketed offenses could be paid by helping local charities?  What kind of impact would that make on our community.  Furthermore, would that also improve relationships between citizens and law enforcement?

Just a little cat food for thought.  I think this is a purrrrfect idea and I hope it really has paws and spreads around the country.

Great job Muncie!

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