Does alligator taste just like chicken? Now Michiganders can find out!The Village Market in Grosse Pointe Michigan is selling alligator for those with out of the  box common tastes!

The seven-pound gators, arrive in plastic bags, pasty white except for the dark hides on their heads and feet. "Zombie alligators," is bent into a circle like a creepy translucent wreath. The gators were farm raised, and it took a few months for them to make their way from Florida to Chicago to a spot at the fish counter next to some groupers, who wouldn't win any aquatic beauty contests, either, and that is where they arrive from!

The Detroit News has reported that the gator sells for  $24.99 per pound. Nick Roumayah who is the  is the seafood manager at Village Market gives advice on how to cook the meat...

Roll a piece in flour and Cajun seasoning, fry it quickly, drizzle it with a sriracha aioli, top it with green onion and "it's like heaven on Earth.

There is the feast for your next dinner party!


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