While yoga has been said to improve things like strength, balance, relaxation, and heart health a lot of people have trouble committing to a yoga class. But, perhaps stretching for an hour will be easier with a free beer in hand.

Saugatuck Brewing in Kalamazoo recently announced an upcoming event where they'll be partnering with Kalamazoo Backyard Yogis. Yes, a free beverage will be provided. But, even better, a portion of the funds raised are going towards a great cause.

Backyard Brews & Yoga is happening Sunday, October 24th, from 11 AM - 12 PM and will take place at Saugatuck's Kalamazoo location at 140 S Westnedge Avenue.

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Registration is required and there's a suggested donation of $3. You are, of course, more than welcome to donate more because a portion of the collected donations will benefit the Michigan Breast Cancer Coalition.

The Michigan Breast Cancer Coalition is a non-profit that not only provides support for those battling breast cancer but also acts as an advocate pushing for legislation that will increase research funding among other things. Read more here.

It's a sad fact to face but the reality is statistics show that about 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer over the course of their lifetime. The statistic is drastically lower for men but they can still be affected. It's expected that 1 in 833 men will face a breast cancer diagnosis. See all the statistics at breastcancer.org.

With that being said, supporting an organization dedicated to breast cancer research by doing yoga and drinking beer sounds like the easiest thing to do.

As mentioned above, registration is required. You can do so by following the link on the Facebook event page for Backyard Brews & Yoga or register on Kalamazoo Backyard Yogi's website directly.

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