You're hungry for some Mickey D's, and you can't drive, so what's a boy supposed to do?

WZZM-TV reports that a five year old Wyoming (MI) boy decided to call 911, and order up some McDonald's.

Dispatcher Sara Kubersky took the call.

Dispatcher: "Kent County 911 what's your emergency?"
Iziah: "Can you bring me McDonald's?"
Dispatcher: "I'm sorry what?"
Iziah: "Can you bring me McDonald's?"
Dispatcher: "No I can't bring you McDonald's."- WZZM

Kubersky radioed Wyoming police officer Dan Patterson, who stopped at the home, just to make sure everything was ok.

Patterson did make a special stop on his way to them home, according to the story. He said to himself why not, as he passed McDonald's.

Patterson arrived at the home, and go no answer at the door, so he knocked on the window.

Patterson says the five year old greeted him with, "My grandma's gonna be so mad, can you please go away?" Patterson said.

What many adults don't realize is out of use cellphone, even if deactivated can still call 911 in an emergency. Or as in this child's case, hunger pangs.




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