Pro Tip: don't scratch your instant lottery tickets while pumping gas.  You might end up winning the lotto and a gas pump hose.

A 59-year old Genesee County man, who wishes to remain anonymous recently received the shock of his life.  He stopped by the Speedway gas station on Owen Road in Fenton to get some gas and grab a Winning Millions instant lottery ticket.  It appears as though, he was scratching his lotto ticket while sitting inside his vehicle while it filled up with gas.  That part I don't know for sure.  But that would explain why he took off with the gas pump hose still attached to his vehicle after he realized that he just won big.

So, how big was his win?  $1 Million big!  Well, that's before taxes, but he still grabbed a ton of cash last week according to The Detroit News,

The winner picked up his prize in Lansing and is taking a lump-sum payment. That means he received a little less than two-thirds of the cash, roughly $635,000.

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The anonymous money winner told the Michigan Lottery that he has been playing since the Michigan Lottery began.  He's so excited to finally win big.   He went on to say that this win was life changing.

There's no doubt that a win like this can be life changing.  However, I personally know more than one person who has won an unthinkable amount of money in the lotto and ended up with nothing in less than 10 years.  A couple basic tips from just in case you win some day:

Protect your tickets.
Don't quit your job yet.
Hire professionals.
Take the lump sum.

Let's not count our chickens before they hatch.  Here are a few tips on how win the lotto.

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