An Elkhart woman is now in jail after her attempt to cure more than a hunger craving for an inmate near Kokomo, Indiana.

I've heard unimaginable drug smuggling stories.  But Snickers candy bars into a jail?

A 23-year-old Elkhart woman came to visit an inmate at the Miami Correctional Facility just outside of Kokomo, Indiana Sunday.  She had everything she needed for the visit: fake Illinois license and candy full of drugs according to,

While inspecting the food, staff noticed a Snickers bar with “abnormal physical characteristics.” Staff opened the candy bar and discovered 418 individual Suboxone strips weighing 20.4 grams, according to the affidavit.

A normal-sized Snickers bar weighs 44 grams.

The suspect is now facing felony and misdemeanor charges for her candy-gram.

Side Note: now I'm hungry.



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