A Shinola employee steals hundreds of watches and sells them on the black market

I am obsessed with the Shinola brand, and saved for sometime to purchase my cherished Shinola watch. I am not the only one who adores the brand, in fact, two of our former Presidents of the United States have, and wear a Shinola watch. There is a lot of pride attached to the brand, especially if you are from Detroit where the watch is made and sold. With all the greatness of the watch, it has now been tarnished thanks to an employee who stole watches then sold them on the black market.

According to Mlive.com...

"A Monday filing in Detroit federal court accuses Judith D. Walker of committing the thefts between 2015 and Jan. 4, 2017, while she was employed by the popular luxury watchmaker."

Judith was busted because she sent a text message to a person interested in buying a watch from her. She stated in the message...

"Tell you boy I have another pink one with the diamond. Regular $2,800 his price $1,100,"

The interesting thing is that Shinola watches sell for anywhere from $400 to $1,555, so she was even lying to her black market customers!

She was charged with 2 counts of embezzling, 3 counts of possessing stolen property and 2 counts of organized retail crime.

Here is the rub, her case was dismissed! The prosecution was not prepared to proceed, and there is no word on whether they are going to re-file the case or just let it go.

No matter what, when you save to buy something special, it is always better is the item is not stolen; just my thoughts.



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