Trying to get any event to happen this year is a Herculean effort, but the Home Builders Association of Kalamazoo says they're taking as many precautions as possible, and the Parade of Homes for the Kalamazoo area is on, for August 5-8th.

The yearly event is an opportunity for prospective buyers to check out some brand new construction in and around Kalamazoo, and for those not in market to buy, at the very least a chance to do a little daydreaming about a future home.

Speaking of in and around Kalamazoo, one of the properties is actually in the heart of the city, on Stockbridge. In fact, there are four new homes in the city.

They are: 1403 Stockbridge, in the Edison neighborhood; 610 McCourtie, in the Vine neighborhood; 1032 Sherwood, in the Eastside neighborhood; and 1318 W. North St.,  in the West Douglas neighborhood. These homes were built in conjunction with Kalamazoo Neighborhood Housing Services (KNHS) and the Kalamazoo Attainable Homes Partnership (KAHP). It's some of the first new construction in those areas in almost half a century.

The rest of the homes are around Kalamazoo County. With some people reluctant to do any social events, technology is helping not only keep people safe, with some parade homes on virtual display, but also there's a smart phone app you can download. Search for "Western MI Parade Of Homes App" in the Apple and Google app stores.

The Parade of Homes website lists all the precautions being taken and all the rules you need to follow, including masks being mandatory, and shoe coverings. Shoe coverings? From the FAQ: "In most cases, YES. Some builders may allow you to simply remove your shoes and wear socks. For your convenience, a bag will be provided for you to carry your items. Though some of these homes are for sale, most are custom homes who's family will move in as soon as the Parade is over. To respect their brand new home, we ask shoe covers be worn to protect their floors from dirt and rocks, which can scratch numerous types of flooring."

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